Welcome to
Strategic Insights.

We were established in 2009 to with the aim of trying to improve the view of the technology recruitment world by offering a tailor-made personal service showcasing our industry expertise and ability in the field of technology recruitment.

Since 2009, we have worked with clients large and small, from niche software houses to FTSE 100 household names.  We have a diverse range of expertise across technology, business change and ERP.   Our mission is to make you and your organisation or business a success.

Jeremy Elwell

Founder & Managing Director

Jeremy started in IT Recruitment in 1997 and quickly built a successful client relationship with a large midlands-based life and pensions company, Britannic Assurance.  Year 2k was fast approaching and Britannic were worried that people’s life and pensions policies would not cope with a switch over from 1999 date format to 2000.  Jeremy supplied resources into the Y2k Programme but this change prompted their “investment programme” essentially moving from a legacy mainframe platform and applications (ICL) to a client-server and Oracle based environment.  Jeremy delivered resources for this programme which also led him to work on site working closely with the client.

Building on this experience, Jeremy worked with a range of other organisations in various sectors across the UK helping them deliver technology change programmes and ERP.  Jeremy worked for leading technology recruiters for a number of years before deciding to take the best of this experience, packaging that into a service led by himself in 2009 when Strategic Insights was born.

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