What We Do

From niche software houses to FTSE 100 household names, we have delivered technology resources in all areas of IT.

Projects, Programmes and PMO

We have recruited everything from Project Support through to Programme Director. Project Managers and Business Analysts covering almost every tech project you can think of.  Putting PMO’s in place with PMO Heads, Consultants and Analysts to implement process and manage it all.

IT Leadership

Whether it is to lead out the department or run individual functions or lead teams, we have recruited technology leadership talent have allowed departments and teams to run and IT to facilitate the growth of the business.

Software Development and Engineering

We cover all areas of development from typical MS .Net C# and Java with SQL Server or Oracle and everything else. The list can be endless and we understand how difficult this talent is to engage and deliver whether it’s a Junior Developer or a Senior Architect.

Business Intelligence

If you need the latest Power BI dashboard or if you need some help swimming in your data lake or just need help stacking boxes in your data warehouse, we can put you in contact with people that can help. 


We cover all areas of infrastructure, support, analysis, administration, architecture and security.  Whether you are On-Prem or you are in the Cloud, we have delivered resource.  We can help you manage your cloud operations and move from to full cloud deployment.


We have significant experience and expertise in Technology Business Change Projects and Programmes.   We have ‘tried and tested’ highly specialist and niche consultancy available to you in this area.  We understand the importance of technology business change, but also more importantly the complexity from a combined people, process and tech perspective and the cost to you of getting it wrong.

If you would like a no obligation and totally confidential consultation, please contact us at anytime.

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